Dream And Nightmare

Two Sides Of The Same Reality

Long Time Since Last Fucked-Up Dream....
But this one was so fucked up, it caused me to wake up crying and shaking....not really all that fun....*sigh* Even moreso, because I could place some of the people, locations, and other things...it was fuckin' creepy...


I was working for my current employer. I was in the Grant Med. Center EMS Squad room, when I looked up at the dry-erase board where we leave notes for other squads about equip. left at the ER, and Con-Ed and stuff like that....

Well, when I look up, I see "If pt. in rm 12 goes anywhere, make sure an ALS unit takes the run...NO BLS...pt. does not want a BLS crew from ________________ Ambulance Company (the one I work for)...." Then I noticed the name of the patient (just the last name, because even my dreams censor HIPAA info....), and almost fell over. One of my closest friends was the patient mentioned!  Anywho, I go to check on said patient, and find not only that person, but another with them.  Between the two of them, I am bitched at, and the second one (the one that did all the bitching, with the first one just nodding silently in agreement to stuff that was said) literally kicks the shit out of me, then shoves me into the hallway of the busiest damn ER in the city....and I still end up laying in the hallway, bleeding like crazy for almost 10 minutes before a nurse looks down and sees me. My partner then comes running down the hall asking me what happened.  I told him what I was told...

"You're a bitch that's far from mature...you have no place living....you need to fucking die, you whore....no one gives a damn about a piece of shit like you..." And various other things.....

And then my partner said "Well...they're right....." and proceeded to shove me into an exam room and block the door to not let me out.

Three days later I was chased from Columbus.

Two days after that was the full moon.

That was the night I was shot and killed.


Like I said, I woke up crying and shaking...not really good because I'd only gone to bed about an hour previous, and the dream was so realistic that I got physically ill - I could smell and hear the various bits of Grant Med....I could name faces of the doctors and nurses....

I know I've been stressed to an insane level, but to have my subconscious set up a dream where someone THAT close to me would allow something like THAT to happen?!?

Damn...what a day.....

I hate it when dreams are that real....
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A Somewhat Confusing Dream
Here's another one I've had a few times...not quite sure what to make of it though...but I'm plugging along.

EVERYTHING is dark. There's NO light whatsoever. However, I can see shadowy forms passing in front of my eyes, kind of like seeing people you knew in an instant. After a few minutes of this, I start getting COLD.

I normally run warmer than other people, and given that I'm a wolf and have fur, this is expected.  Surprisingly, the Twilight books DID get something about wolves - we run warmer than the mundanes!

At this point, I hear a woman's voice.

"You don't know me, little wolf.   I work with two whom you love. You will understand the pull when you return to the graveyard. You will find what you seek there."

I look up to find that things have lightened around me, but only enough that I can see a solid-black body-shape in front of me. From the voice and body shape, I could verify again that this was a female speaking. I couldn't see any facial features and her body was COMPLETELY black...with a shadowy haze.


I don't know who the woman, but it never fails that after I have that dream, I start dreaming of Greenlawn Cemetery. I've been feeling an almost need to go back there...but at night.

I'd already told Wraith about this, and he offered two suggestions as to the female's identity.

One was his grandmother, nicknamed Polly.

The other is his and Kess's Voudon matron, Oya.

The general consensus is that it is the latter.

Am working on finding this out.

AWESOME Dream.....
Well....I REALLY don't know where to start with this......

I am VERY susceptible to smells. There are certain smells here within the house that have very....*ahem*...interesting effects on me.  Well, last night, right before I went to sleep, I was asked which pillow I sleep with. Since I only have one pillow (which is losing stuffing thanks to cats cutting a HUGE hole in it right before we moved), I held it up. I found it odd that the pillow was only held between Kess's wrists for a few moments, then she gave it back to me.

I figured out about 2 seconds later that she'd placed one of those scents on it....one of the two that I just happen to react most strongly with.  Needless to say, I dozed off not TOO long afterward...


I wasn't expecting my attachment to that particular smell to create the dreams it did...but well.....yeah....um.....*grin*....

I ended up having a more-enhanced version of a dream I've had MULTIPLE nights.....and damnit.....wow...


It started out that everything was dark.

"Come here little wolf..." was whispered from somewhere. Luckily I could see...but barely...

I heard purring. LOTS of it....and from what I could see of the room I was in (a cave, no firelight, but there was a TINY bit of light coming in from the entrance), the purring was echoing off of every available surface.

I started out in a human form. The closer I got to the area I was being directed toward....well, as it is wont to do...my body started shifting.

And FAST...

The closer I got, the stronger that smell became, but it also got laced with the OTHER smell I'm really sensitive to...

And I kinda turned into a puddle....

By the time I got to the bed area....yeah...no clothes...I had my fur and tail back, though.....

Then I felt something start scratching on my back.

Did I mention that I LOVE getting my back scratched? Since my back is so sensitive, I couldn't help but curl myself toward the direction of the scratching.


I ended up face-down on what I'm equating to a sleeping area...

From there, all I'm going to say is...WOW.....lots of purring....OMG lots of petting/scratching/biting/moaning/touching/happiness.....

I woke up hornier than hell, and haven't been able to deal with it yet.

But I've had a smile on my face all day.

And damnit, my pillow still smells really damn good.

I wonder if I can get that dream again tonight....

Here's to hoping!

BIG WTF Dream From Last Night
This one was weird...


Wraith, Kestral, Michkaela, and I went camping. I don't know what happened to cause it, but Kestral looked down at my hands and said "Jett, you're growing fur on your hands!"

I looked down and not only were my hands starting to get covered in fur, but they were starting to reform into paws. This started to freak me out, and then I kinda blacked out, but I knew I'd started screaming. Then the pain hit, which brought me back to consciousness, and I started running. I ended up being tackled and pinned by BOTH Wraith and Kestral, and held there for over an hour until I started to calm down.  By then, my body had completely changed into a wolf. I stayed that way for the rest of the camping trip, and was completely happy with it.


Normally, a dream like this wouldn't have bothered me, but when I woke up this morning, my whole body ached like it did during the first full moon after I'd started really feeling their effects and Wraith and Kestral had had to drag me from the field beside our old house. For a few minutes after I woke up, I also could have sworn that I felt the light fuzz of fur on my hands and arms, and if I held my arms a certain way, it would glisten in the sunlight coming in through my bedroom window.

It was both a neat and scary dream.

And damnit all to hell, my body still fuckin' hurts.

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Recent Dream From About 2 Weeks Ago

This one was odd in that I couldn't see anything.  However, I could hear, smell, and feel everything going on around me.


I could hear screaming. Long, loud, and more terrified than just about anything. I could also hear wind, and leaves rustling from a LOT of trees all around me.

I could smell 2 things: a metallic tinge, akin to the smell of blood, and the smell of rain - whether it had just rained or was getting to start, I couldn't tell.

I could feel the ground shaking under my feet - not the earthquake kind of shaking though. It was more of a "huge vehicle coming toward you" kind of thing.

I felt so dizzy that I couldn't stand. I wanted nothing more than to be violently ill...multiple times.

It sucked.


Apparently, while I was asleep, I stumbled out into our living room and asked the other occupants if they'd heard screaming, then I went back to bed.  When I finally woke up the next morning, my ears were ringing because I'd been hearing that screaming all night long.

Recurring WTC Dream

I was in NYC, a full-fledged paramedic. I was having lunch with my partner at a hole-in-the-wall deli right across the street from the World Trade Center. We were on-call when we heard the first plane crash into the tower. The screaming from the people on the street was instantly deafening. My partner and I dropped our food and went running, covering our eyes against the smoke and debris that was now covering the street. There were people running in all directions, and everyone was confused as hell. We somehow find our way to the doors, and work our way inside, amidst the people trying to get out and run. Somehow, right INSIDE the doors, my partner and I get separated, but at least we had our radios. They were going off already about calls coming in regarding the plane.

Somehow I'd made it to a set of stairs, and started up. I couldn't get very far, so I turned around and followed the wave of people back to the lobby. My partner was there, and the two of us started shunting people in groups to different places away from the tower. We were doing this for about 20 minutes when I hear someone scream "Oh god, there's another one!" and we heard the sickening crunch that was the second tower being smashed into by yet another plane. Watching the smoke once again encase us, and seeing that since (for the most part) the people were moving quickly from the first building, we went to the second. We both went in and headed for the stairs, as fast as we could go. I'm not sure how many floors we'd passed, but the adrenaline was pumping so hard, I really didn't care. All I remember was that eventually we came to a floor that we couldn't get past, but this one actually had things on fire scattered about. My partner had gone back toward the stairs closer toward the lobby again, and I was trying to help people down them to get to safety. A rather nasty-mangled woman somehow got to me, and she was holding a baby in her arms. It too was covered in blood, and screaming like there was no tomorrow. As soon as the baby was handed to me, the mother dropped to her knees. "I was just bringing him to see his father..." she choked out, before falling over sideways. I knew from the moment I'd seen her that her injuries were to be fatal, and there wasn't anything I could do at the time about it. I looked down at the blood-soaked infant in my arms, and took off running for the stairs. I didn't realize how far up I'd gotten, because all of a sudden the building started to shake.

I knew it was coming down. I wasn't sure how long I'd been in the tower, but I knew it was coming down. I just had to wonder if the other one was going to fall too. I finally got to the stairwell, and there were flames there now. By then, I was crying, because I knew I wasn't going to make it out in time. I looked down at the baby (who had STOPPED crying) and whimpered "I'm so sorry....I couldn't get you out in time...." And then everything came down around me, and everything went black. For a few seconds, I went cold, and then I felt nothing more.

Getting Started

Since so many fucked-up dreams have been flashing by me recently, I decided to start this journal so that I have a place to record them all.

Bear in mind, one of the two main metaphysical abilities I have is geared toward working with the dreams of others, which could possibly explain how I get the fucked-up by-products.

Feel free to join in, should you wish.


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