Dream And Nightmare

Two Sides Of The Same Reality

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A Somewhat Confusing Dream
Here's another one I've had a few times...not quite sure what to make of it though...but I'm plugging along.

EVERYTHING is dark. There's NO light whatsoever. However, I can see shadowy forms passing in front of my eyes, kind of like seeing people you knew in an instant. After a few minutes of this, I start getting COLD.

I normally run warmer than other people, and given that I'm a wolf and have fur, this is expected.  Surprisingly, the Twilight books DID get something about wolves - we run warmer than the mundanes!

At this point, I hear a woman's voice.

"You don't know me, little wolf.   I work with two whom you love. You will understand the pull when you return to the graveyard. You will find what you seek there."

I look up to find that things have lightened around me, but only enough that I can see a solid-black body-shape in front of me. From the voice and body shape, I could verify again that this was a female speaking. I couldn't see any facial features and her body was COMPLETELY black...with a shadowy haze.


I don't know who the woman, but it never fails that after I have that dream, I start dreaming of Greenlawn Cemetery. I've been feeling an almost need to go back there...but at night.

I'd already told Wraith about this, and he offered two suggestions as to the female's identity.

One was his grandmother, nicknamed Polly.

The other is his and Kess's Voudon matron, Oya.

The general consensus is that it is the latter.

Am working on finding this out.


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